ALLT coin

problem and solutions

The problem what we see is to transfer any amount of coins or Bitcoin from one exchange to another one. Some other users also know the problem: Bitcoin has a long blocktime with 10 minutes per Blog. Litecoin is nice but not everywhere listed and sometimes it is interesting because the amount you want to transfer is not good to exchange into litecoin. Some exchanges have such low volume on the exchanges so litecoin is also uninteresting same with Dogecoin.

You know sometimes the withdrawal fees are high: for instance 0.0008 btc or in USDT 40$.

We as a team of cointrader on smaller exchanges always have the issue to exchange between the exchanges. We love to do arbitrage but since the decenomy team delisted their coins from Crex24 it is not easy to exchange between Birake Network and Crex24.

We would like to close with ALLT Coin this problem.

We want to list our coins on mostly all smaller exchanges and than on the bigger ones. That we can have with volume a possibility to exchange between these exchanges.